Native Plant Design works with you and your land to design a landscape utilizing Michigan native plants, plus methods to support a healthy garden using earth friendly principles.

Would you like your yard to be a habitat for wildlife, providing a source of food for insects, birds and pollinators-and also look appealing? Is your business one that needs an updated look to reflect changes happening in the world? Native Plant Design can help with these scenarios and more!

You might be familiar with native plants but are struggling to create the design and consecutive seasonal interest you'd like to see.

You may have heard about the benefits of a native plant garden but shy away from these plants because you just don’t understand them well enough to make the investment.

Or, you don’t have time to do the research. 

That’s where Native Plant Design can help.  Kimberly has worked with native plants in southwest Michigan's Kalamazoo area for more than fifteen years, and she has great ideas about what it takes to combine the right native plants for a pleasing (rather than a weedy) look that both humans and pollinators will enjoy.

Contact Kimberly to schedule a consultation!

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